Safety & FAQ's

-What kind of Ice Cream do you serve? How many flavors?
At Axes & Ice Cream, we pride ourselves on crafting delicious, creamy ice cream using only the freshest and highest quality kosher/non-gmo ingredients sourced from local Florida farmers. Supporting local businesses is important to us and we are passionate about bringing the freshest and most delicious ice cream to our customers. With over 24 flavors to choose from, as well as unique donut and cookie ice cream sandwiches, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Come try a scoop (or two!) today!

-What activities do you offer?
We are more than just an Ice Cream Shop! We have 4 Axe Throwing lanes that also feature mini-basketball. Our coaches show you how to play our games and in-house challenges for prizes! So grab an ice cream, and join in on the fun & games! Lane reservations are recommended for parties looking for a specific time, but reservations are not required, walk-ins welcome!

-How does it work for the Axe Throwing and Mini-Basketball?

It’s easy! Just Walk-in (if we are slow) or reserve a lane through our booking system, make sure and sign the waiver, show up for your scheduled time, and we’ll take care of the rest! One of our coaches will be here to show you to your lane and teach you the rest! No experience is needed!

-Is axe throwing safe?
Yes! Our coaches teach you how to properly and safely throw the axe.

-Can I bring my own drinks?
Yes! We are BYOB, so you can bring in beer or wine, just no hard liquor.

-Is axe throwing hard?
Not at all! We have a 100% success rate at Axes & Ice Cream. Our throwing coaches will make sure you stick the axe in the target and understand the fundamentals during your throwing session.

-Do I need to wear special clothing or shoes?
Yes, we require closed-toed shoes for safety reasons to protect your toes, and we suggest you wear semi-loose fitting clothing for full range of motion while you’re throwing.

-Do I need a reservation?
Reservations are suggested as our lanes tend to fill up. If you don’t have a reservation and want to check availability, just give us a call to confirm or just walk in!

-How old do kids need to be to throw an axe or play mini-basketball?
We permit 8 year olds and up to participate in axe throwing as long as a waiver is signed by a parent/legal guardian. Mini-Basketball is open to all ages!

-Can I bring my own axe?
At this time, we cannot allow outside axes to be brought in due to insurance stipulations. Only axes provided by Axes & Ice Cream may be used.


A safe experience is our #1 priority! All rules/regulations below are to be strictly followed. We reserve the right to refuse/terminate service to any person(s) who don’t follow the rules.

#1: A General Release of Liability Waiver MUST be signed before engaging in any activities.
#2: Close toed shoes are REQUIRED to be worn by anyone participating in axe throwing activities.
#3: Follow the guidelines and techniques as outlined by your throwing coach. No trick shots, hard baseball throws, underhand throws, long distance throws, etc. Only throw at your own target.
#4: Two people per lane are allowed in the throwing zone at one time (1 person for each target).
#5: Axes are NOT to be retrieved UNTIL both participants have thrown. NEVER retrieve an axe before your opponent throws their axe!
#6: Always retrieve your axe from the target before throwing another axe.
#7: Be conscious of your surroundings to keep a safe distance away from fellow axe-throwers as well as those watching. Exercise common sense and play responsibly!
#8: Return the axes to the axe-holders after your turn is over. No hand-offs of axes to the next thrower, please. Axes are not to be taken out of their respective lane.
#9: Stay within the designated throw zone during the duration of your turn.